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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oceanside Oasis

If you're lucky enough to live by the ocean, here's how to creat a great oceanside retreat.
Great chaises with cushions are pefect for the beach.
Beaches call for wood furniture, be it painted or stained.
Bright colors are great, especially when paired with bright flowers.  Just make sure it's a few bright colors to work well together.
Or, you can go pale to match the sand.  Monochromatic whites are great.  Use seashells and linen as your inspiration and your decoration.  Either way, it's stunning.
Tropical flowers surrounding the space make it feel like it's always been there.
And you don't always have to have a structure to create a space.  Sometimes, the sandy beach works as well as anything.  Stunning, isn't it?
It's great to have a covered porch.  You can create the perfect outdoor room using wicker furniture and lots of nautical or tropical accents.
Placing outdoor curtains around the space make it feel a bit more private, even though it's opened up to the world.
And one thing I would say is a must, is having some sort of storage for all those beach toys, keeping them close at hand, but easy to put away.
Plus, an outdoor shower, so you can rinse off before coming inside.

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