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Friday, August 6, 2010

Backyard Beauties

What a lovely backyard this is!  Lov the natural looking planters, up against those white columns and fence.  So pretty!!  And the table isn't too shabby either!
Someday, I hope to have a seating area that looks this good in my backyard.
Isn't it lovely!?  LOVE that sheer drape over the top.  ahhhh I just want to sit there.
I love the look of outdoor living rooms.  So fun!  Outside, but still so comfortable.  It's easy, with a covered porch.
Even if you don't have this amazing view, you could still have a great outdoor living room.
So pretty and inviting!!  Love those pillows!
What a great outdoor dining space this is!  I'm in love with those hanging lanterns.  Think I could even make some like that. :)
Ahhh, sumertime....

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I would so LOVE to have one of these. I need to work on our outside deck area to make it more inviting.

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