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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunshine Party

Saw a cute little Sunshine party on {Kara's Party Ideas}
Perfect for a late summer day.  Love all the yellow!!  Aren't those buntings cute!?  And all the yellow tags just make me happy. :)
I love the decorations lining the deck with those streamers haning off of them.
And those flowers are gorgeous!!
Such cute and easy decorations!  This is a party anyone could pull off.
Love the lemonade and how all the food is "packaged" on that table. 
Great things both kids and adults would enjoy!
 It's so cute!
Don't you just adore it!?
Oh, such pretty colors.
Seriously in love with those homemade buntings and streamers!  They are so much cuter than crepe paper!!
Very cute take home gift, too.  And I'm sure it was homemade, wich makes it even more fun. :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Lovely Lakeside

Late summer always reminds me of lakes....or lakes always remind me of late summer.
They go hand in hand.
Living by a lake, you could have a dining area on your own private dock... 
Perfect for those lazy nights...after boating all day.
You could decorate it with twinkle lights...
Living by a lake would be so great, wouldn't it?
You could have a dock of your own...complete with a seating area on the end.  Doesn't that just scream late summer?! 
Yes.  Yes, it does.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Nautical Bedroom

{Three Men and a Lady} just created the cutest little bedroom for her son!
It's a nautical bedroom.  Love the oars.
Love the sailboats hanging from the ceiling...and those cute curtains!
Love the bedding.
Seriously love the way this dresser is decorated!!  Love the suitcases, the rope, the sailboats, the flag, the bouys.
Again, love those sailboats and curtains.
And this little table is perfect for a child's room!
And there's the slightest stripes painted on the walls... Such a good job.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bright Colors Party

I feel like the THING right now is to create these lavish parties with all sorts of themes and decorations.
But sometimes, I really just like plain and simple parties...like the ones my mom used to put on.  This one is cute.  Just bright colors.  And look how cute it is.
Wouldn't this m&m hopscotch cake from Martha Stewart go well with it?  Cute ideas.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Ruffle Collar Tutorial

  I got the idea for this shirt {here}...it's just taken me a while to make it. :)
So, here's what I used:
a tshirt from Old Navy and an 1/8 yard of fake silk fabric.
Step 1: cut a strip of fabric the width of what you're wanting the ruffle to be.  Gather the edges with a small gather stitch.
Just so it won't fray down to nothing...cause that's what this fabric does.
Step 2: Roll the end and stitch it, and roll it again and stitch it.  Stitch that, so the rolled edge is underneath at the shoulder seams. 
Then, fold the fabric underneath itself in pleats and pin them all the way around the neckline.  I was not precise about these at all... in fact I wanted them to be uneven.
Step3: Stitch the fabric to the shirt on the side where the end will lay underneath the other end.  I did two rows of stitching, because I was a little worried about the fraying edges.  I like the way they look, but I was worried they'd waste away to nothing.
Step 4: Pin the pleats down over the row you just stitched and stitch that side.
Step 5: Stitch the other side of the fabric to the shirt so both the tops and the bottoms of the fabric strips are completely adhered to the shirt.
Ta Da!
Here it is.  I love it. 
My husband thinks it "looks home made" ... not the best compliment, but he's referring to the frayed edges which is totally the look I was going for.  If you don't want them frayed, fold the edges under. :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Seashell House

I know summer's almost over, but I just had to put this on here.  I love this seashell house idea...just think gingerbread house made of seashells.  Cute, right?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Pretty Party

Want to creat a pretty little party for your pretty little girl?  Check this out!!
I've seen those pompoms everywhere, but never like this.  These are made out of tulle!!  So in love with them and the soft, ballarina feel they bring in.
Throw up a couple of those, and a couple of these, and you've got it made.
  Cute little daisy cut-outs on the table.  Love the pink filled bottles and the simple cakes with simple gerbera's on top!!
Don't even know what these are, but don't they look yummy?
These little pokadot vases are adorable, don't you think!!?
And I'm loving all the soft pink flowers!!
A table lined in tulle....love.
Yummy.  And don't you love that flower placemat?
So simple, but still so cute!!!
This could quite possibly be my very favorite take-home gift idea of all time!!!  Fairy dust.  SO CUTE! Visit {She's So Pretty} for all the details.  And you can buy all these party supplies {here}.
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