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Friday, July 23, 2010


For all those grown-up girls who still love pink, here are a few pink spaces with some sophistication.

For a more grown-up look, go for modern pieces and sophisticated lines.  Make sure you throw some substantial pattern in with it, especially if you're using bright pink.
As you can see in all these pictures, it works well as an accent color.  When it becomes the main color in a room, it makes you feel a little crazy, but as an accent, it does it job and livens things up.
I really love bright pink and bright orange together.  So citrusy and summery!
A great way to town pink down a bit is to pair it with a very natural neutral color.  Like the tan in this picture.  The pink in this room looks so pretty to me - not overpowering at all like it usually does.
One thing pink definitely does is glam up a room.  If that's what you're looking for, then here is one sure solution.  Especially when paired with white or gold.
And if you really love pink, you better have this Audrey original somewhere in that pink room. :)

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