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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Perfect Pantry

The pantry is hardly ever a nice, clean organized space, but when it is...it's magnificent, isn't it?
So, how do you get that perfect pantry?  Aside from making sure your space is big enough - which it rarely seems to be - there are a few things you can do.
Oranize things in similar containers.  Your pantry can be organized, but it won't look 'magnificent' until the containers match each other. 
Everything doesn't have to match, but make sure similar containers are grouped together.
I like the idea of having baskets near the ground to serve as a "catch-all" for things that either don't fit on the shelves, or just don't sit well on shelves.
Allow there to be space inbetween items.  When you can see space, things don't feel quite as crammed.
I like how there's a sitting area on this one. haha.  Does anyone ever want to sit in their pantry??  I'm pretty sure this is just part of the kitchen.  But, I like how they've created a pantry using shelves and cabinets.  It's nice that their cabinet doors have a curtain on the inside, so they look better when viewed from the kitchen.

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