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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lemonade and Sunshine Party

I am SO IN LOVE with this party from {Pen n' Paper Flowers}!  Seriously, I'm a little obsessed!  I love everything about it!!  I love looking at pretty, perfect looking parties, but this one looks like one I could actually do.  I love how it's homemade looking but still SO adorable!!
From the cans filled with flowers lining the fences...
To the old looking furniture...
I mean, how adorable does this bookshelf look out there!??  I love how she has the food set on it.  Everything looks so cute.
Love that she put a few things inside the door, too.  And more cans filled with flowers.  Love it.
Love the use of crates and jars and buckets and bottles!!
I mean, so cute, right!?
And this old bench goes so well.  I really like how she mixed flowers in with the food everywhere.
And how the food is just sitting on the furniture.  No food table at this party, but I think it looks even cuter!  How pretty is that big jug of pink lemonade!?
Love that she decorated with lemons.  I mean, that was the theme...so cute.
What a cute idea to hang bottles from the trees!  It sort of dresses up the space - especially with the ribbons around them.  She put ribbons...well, just fabric strips, I guess...around everything.
Love how the birthday girl chairs have a flower pail on the back of them.
Love the cute and natural looking centerpiece.
I mean, what a fun little table!!
Don't those cupcakes look good!!?  So, easy to.  She didn't even use a frosting tip...and just decorated them with matching candies.
This might be my favorite part.  This is icecream in these little jars!!!
And of course this cake looks divine!!  I like how it's decorated with flowers on the side.  So simple, yet so pretty.
Yummy looking cookies.
What a cute way to display lollipops!
And each guest got to take home one of these very cute pails.
Look at all that good stuff!!
Plus, a little jar of lemon drops.  Go {here} for the recipies she used.  She says the cake was TO DIE FOR.  Can it be true??  A cake that tastes as good as it looks??  Check it out.

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Unknown said...

Hi Brittany...thanks so much for posting this on your blog. I'm so glad you were inspired - I love how everything turned out. And yes...the cake really is that good! *wink*

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