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Monday, June 7, 2010

Strawberry Soiree

Do you love strawberries?  Then, you're going to love this little party I saw on {Cakewalk}

The more parties I see like this the more I realize how simple it is to make a party look great.  Those wall flowers look so cute!!  And all they are is tissue paper!

Love the apothecary jars...and all the matching food.  And it looks like she may have made those hats.  Simple, yet so cute!!  I also love the simple pink pokadot fabric laying across the table.

Strawberry jam sandwiches.  So yummy and they look so cute with that paper around them!!  Don't you love that cupcake stand in the background??  I gotta get one of those!  You can use whatever ribbon to match your party.  Love it.

Speaking of cupcakes - what a simple way to make a cupcake look so stinkin cute!  And I like that they're mini cupcakes.

The cake is gorgeous, no?  Love this party!!

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