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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Patriotic Crafts

I love this simple decoration idea I posted about {last year}
Here is a how-to from {All You}
Kinda liking this wreath I found on the same sight.  I love how they look like fireworks!  {here} is the tutorial.
This flag is a PB inspired craft - taken from this image:
{Moody Girl Projects} has the tutorial for this one.
Love these ideas I saw on {Joys of Home}.  This first one is so cute and simple.  White frame, with a flag in it, decorated with a single antique star.  But, it's so cute!!
I REALLY love this idea.  Write the Pledge of Allegiance on a flag and frame it...it might be desecrating the flag, but I think it's really powerful.   I love it.
All together now...with this view, you can see how she decorated the pledge flag with a similar antique star - just to tie it all together.  I really love the way this all looks, don't you?!
A few more flags painted on wood....
...It's a really easy way to create a Patriotic piece of art.
And this last one is just a board, painted blue with "freedom" written on it, decorated with stars, of course.  I really like it, but especially where it's sitting with those candles behind and the old wood flag behind that.
Cute ideas!!

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Mandy said...

Thanks for the feature! Love the other projects you picked, too!

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