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Friday, June 25, 2010

Fireplace Fillers

Fires are great in the winter time.  There is nothing I like more than sitting up to a real fire when it's freezing cold outside.  But what do you do with fireplaces when you're not actually using them?  I'm not a really big fan of the fake logs they put in gas fireplaces.  I don't like the way charred wood looks, unless it's in a cabin or something.  But in a nice living room, it kind of degrades the space.  Here are some fireplace fillers that I really like.
Pretty Aspen unburnt logs - doesn't the white bark and fresh wood make that fireplace look clean?  And almost cool - which is important in the summer time.
You could fill it with a plant like this one at the Lettered Cottage.  Doesn't that look nice and summery?  I love the pop of green.
How about some pottery or vases or even flowers?  These aren't exactly in the fireplace, but it still has the same effect.  I love the pops of pink. :)
And here's another example of flowers.  Beautiful, fresh, and cool.  It's perfect for Spring and Summer.  I like how they've added the same flowers on top of the mantle to tie it all togethrer.
Something else I see a lot is to put candles in the fireplace.  I like the way this looks.  Especially when they're all different heights.
Candles don't exactly bring a cool feeling into the room, though, but sometimes that's ok.  You could always just not light them and they'd give a less warm feeling.
REALLY love this one.  That eiffel tower is perfect, isn't it!!?  I LOVE the way it dresses up that fireplace.  Such a cute little accessory.  Love it.

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M.O.T.B said...

I really like these ideas. I have never thought about putting stuff in my fireplace in the summer and spring! Thanks!

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