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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dreamy Girls Room

Sometimes I think people go way over the top when they're creating a room for a little girl.  Pink can get a little heavy when used too much.  I feel like this room has just the right amount of pink in just the right amount of saturation.
I love that it's backed by those soft aqua walls - that really calms the space down.  Pink is a warm color and can make people feel excited (aka hyper), but this aqua color gives it a calming presence.  That chandelier is really cute.

Love that whimsicle canopy bed and the oh-so-light curtains.  They make the room look like a dream.

I really like how they "made" their own windowseat in this room.  Who needs built-ins anyway? :)

And these pillows are too cute!

I also really like this bedding - Land of Nod.  It's way cute, too.  The antique accents like that doll and the hat box make the room feel dreamy, too - probably because they remind me of Anne of Green Gables...don't ask me why.

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