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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Patriotic Crafts

I love this simple decoration idea I posted about {last year}
Here is a how-to from {All You}
Kinda liking this wreath I found on the same sight.  I love how they look like fireworks!  {here} is the tutorial.
This flag is a PB inspired craft - taken from this image:
{Moody Girl Projects} has the tutorial for this one.
Love these ideas I saw on {Joys of Home}.  This first one is so cute and simple.  White frame, with a flag in it, decorated with a single antique star.  But, it's so cute!!
I REALLY love this idea.  Write the Pledge of Allegiance on a flag and frame it...it might be desecrating the flag, but I think it's really powerful.   I love it.
All together now...with this view, you can see how she decorated the pledge flag with a similar antique star - just to tie it all together.  I really love the way this all looks, don't you?!
A few more flags painted on wood....
...It's a really easy way to create a Patriotic piece of art.
And this last one is just a board, painted blue with "freedom" written on it, decorated with stars, of course.  I really like it, but especially where it's sitting with those candles behind and the old wood flag behind that.
Cute ideas!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

USA Parfaits

These creamy, fruity bits of goodness seem perfect for a hot summer day!  Not to mention, they're sorta patriotic. :)
This first one is from {Better Homes and Gardens}
This one from {Martha}.
This last one looks the most appetizing to me.  That graham cracker crumble on the bottom sounds so good!  Check out {Right at Home} for this recipe.

Monday, June 28, 2010

4th of July Party Inspiration

Loving this little scene from PB.  Cute little Uncle Sam hat.  Cute little American Boat.  Cute little blue and white striped cushions - perfect for all year long.  And how about that food tier!  So cute.  Pluse, love the patriotic colored goodies.
I'm really loving this one.  So simple, but SO SO CUTE!!  I'm trying to figure out how they made that flower arrangement.  Obviously white and red carnations in stripes in a basket, but the star part - I have no idea.  Maybe blue carnations with little white flowers as stars...or paper stars pinned on top of them.  What ever it is, I love it!
Looking for some great Patriotic Dinnerware?  {Sur la Table} has some cuties.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fireplace Fillers

Fires are great in the winter time.  There is nothing I like more than sitting up to a real fire when it's freezing cold outside.  But what do you do with fireplaces when you're not actually using them?  I'm not a really big fan of the fake logs they put in gas fireplaces.  I don't like the way charred wood looks, unless it's in a cabin or something.  But in a nice living room, it kind of degrades the space.  Here are some fireplace fillers that I really like.
Pretty Aspen unburnt logs - doesn't the white bark and fresh wood make that fireplace look clean?  And almost cool - which is important in the summer time.
You could fill it with a plant like this one at the Lettered Cottage.  Doesn't that look nice and summery?  I love the pop of green.
How about some pottery or vases or even flowers?  These aren't exactly in the fireplace, but it still has the same effect.  I love the pops of pink. :)
And here's another example of flowers.  Beautiful, fresh, and cool.  It's perfect for Spring and Summer.  I like how they've added the same flowers on top of the mantle to tie it all togethrer.
Something else I see a lot is to put candles in the fireplace.  I like the way this looks.  Especially when they're all different heights.
Candles don't exactly bring a cool feeling into the room, though, but sometimes that's ok.  You could always just not light them and they'd give a less warm feeling.
REALLY love this one.  That eiffel tower is perfect, isn't it!!?  I LOVE the way it dresses up that fireplace.  Such a cute little accessory.  Love it.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Beautiful Tulle

If you're not absolutely loving...
...this beautiful dusty pink tulle and ribbon...
...reminiscent of those days when all you wanted was to be a ballarina...
...something might be wrong with you... :)
To get the tutorial for making this lovely flower, visit {Project Wedding}

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monkey Party

I'm loving the blue and yellow pokadot theme to this Monkey Party! Don't you love these cute pokadot sandwiches:
I saw this on {Design Dazzle}. Love those vintage popcorn boxes! The yellow popcorn - such a cute idea~

Oh, it's so cute!! Don't you love those monkey cakes? They look really easy. Cut a small cake in half for the ears and then just frost it like they did. So cute! {Top Party Ideas} has tons more great ideas for a monkey party like this.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's Day Ideas

One of my favorite ideas for Father's Day is this {tie} I posted about last year.  Such a fun idea for a Daddy.

Here are some other ideas I've found:

Love this nut frame idea from {Kaboose}  So cute, right?  And something the kids could make.

 Father's Day is great for grilling.  This is all my husband wants every year!  What a great looking meal!!

How about these {Mower Cupcakes} so cute, huh!!?

I love this day set aside to celebrate how wonderful Fathers can be.  What would the world be like without them!  Happy Father's Day!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Seashell Wreath

Here's a nice summery craft idea from {My Romantic Home}
Foam Wreath
Seashell Colored Ribbon
Hot Glue

Step 1:
Wrap the wreath in ribbon.

Step 2:
Glue Seashells to the wreath/ribbon and cover the wreath completely.
Step 3:
Hang the wreath with another piece of ribbon.
Cute huh!? Great thing to do with those seashells you collect on your beach vacation.

Here's another version I saw on {Home}:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beach Party

{The Celebration Shoppe} has some great party ideas. I love this Deep Blue Sea theme.

I love how they served chips in this wagon.

And other treats in sand buckets.
These {Flip Flop Crispy Pops} are adorable, don't you think? Click on the link for the recipe and instructions.
The best part was that the take-home gift was a towel monogrammed with their names on them! So cute!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fancy Flowers

Find out how to make flowers like these at {Hope Studios}!  Aren't they cute!!?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Even More Lovely Nurseries

Potterybarn doing their usual good job.   I really like just classic patterned bedding for nurseries.  These stripes work so well.  Love how they did a green wall to balance all the pink out, too.

 This room I saw on Thrifty Decor Chick and I really like it.  It seems very real.  I love the wainscotting with the little ledge way up high.  And LOVE the alphabet on that ledge.  SO cute!  Also the pokadot chair is adorable!  As well as those huge balls.  And you never see throw pillows in a crib, for obvious reasons, but I love the way they look in there!

I love how dreamy this nursery is!!  All white - so fun.  And great for a boy or girl.  I'm in love with that HUGE mirror and the chandelier and all the french furniture.  So pretty.

PB again - loving the stripes painted on the wall - and the wainscotting with the star resting on it.  I also really like the monochromatic color scheme in this one.  Very stately.

This nursery seems fit for a king.  That crib is royal looking.  Maybe it's more of a toddler bed at this point.  Love the neutral color pallet.

Gotta love a fishy nursery.  Tastefully cute.  Love the starfish garland.

Isn't this nursery amazing!!?  It seems like a princess's nursery, doesn't it?  I could totally see this room in a castle.  Love the gold.  So pretty and luxurious.  And those presents are so cute!  Love the teddy bear sitting on that lovely chair, too.  And the canopy over the cradle.  So sweet.
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