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Monday, May 17, 2010

Nautical Party

I posted about this cute cake a while ago {here}. Cute huh!?

And I recently found a party to match it at {Love Laughter and Lyrics}.
A nice sign to welcome everyone aboard!
Boats in tissue paper water in barrels as decoration.
Love the use of barrels. Of course - fishies as a snack.
A cute bunting lining the fence. I like the knots tied in between the flags.
I like the way they used party hats to decorate as well...just like a bunting.
Cute little cupcakes!
And of course sailor hats!! Also used as a decoration.
Perfect for a one year old.
And these guys built a boat out of a refrigerator box just so the kids could play in it. I think they liked it. They could have also given each child a real sailor hat like the one in this picture.
Pretty cute.

1 comment:

Amy said...

i love nautical parties! so cute!

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