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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Airplane Room

I saw this cute bedroom on {Thrifty Decor Chick}.
And I was especially drawn to it because the theme was airplanes - and my son's nursery currently has an airplane theme that I plan on carrying as he gets older.  LOVE that silver airplane above!!

Cute little airplane lamp.

I really like how she framed out those pictures on the walls.  It really makes them pop!
And I think it's cool how it's not ALL airplanes everywhere.  It's ok not to get too themey - just a little taste is perfect.
This lamp looks ADORABLE and really easy to make - buttons and ribbon on a lamp shade.  And you could do anything - flowers, cars, butterflies - options are limited to the kinds of buttons available...which is A LOT!
I really like that yellow sign above - I think that's a perfect saying to go in any child's room - or even your spouse's room! :)
But my ALL TIME favorite part of this room is not the perfect navy paint color, or the cute white wainscotting, or all the airplanes, it is this sign.  Come fly with me.  Perfect!!  Check the link at the top for all the details.

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