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Friday, April 16, 2010

Pink and Turquoise Bedroom

I seriously love this color combination for a grown up girls room. Especially when the pink is deep, dark, hot pink like in these pictures.
Love those dramatic curtains, and how they're on a turquoise curtain rod, flanking a turquoise desk. And isn't that chair at the desk awesome! And the lamp!!? Love the headboards!!! And how they're set into the built-ins on that wall. Love how the bedding is mostly white, with a bit of those bright colors in small areas.
Love this seating area. That wallpaper in very small areas in the room - behind the headboards, on the window wall, and here grounding the seating area - really packs a punch! Love that chandelier!! Love that ottoman, too, and the rug.
Here is a different room with the same color scheme and ideas. I love that wallpaper on just one wall. And those dramatic curtains sure spice the room up.
And here's just one more. I love that the little bathroom area is painted in an accent color. Also love the use of two very different mirrors above that vanity. It adds variety and charm to the space.And of course, this Audry Hepburn quote that I ADORE would go perfectly in a room like this. In that frame too, please. :)


Amy said...

that quote is adorable!

Janelle Dobson said...

Cute stuff...I especially like that bathroom. So I'm trying to make a baby blanket and I was wondering if you could maybe help me out, since you seem to know your way around the blogs. What I'm looking for is a special car seat blanket- it is shaped almost like a cross (but with round edges) with the corners inverted. Its shaped that way so you can easily wrap it around the baby. There are slits in the middle of the blanket so you actually strap it into the carseat and not worry about it falling out. I've seen only two patterns but you have to pay for them...and who wants to do that! I'm still looking around on my own...but just in case you have time it and might want to help...that could be cool. Its not a big deal. Thanks!

Embellish said...

I love this bedroom, I found your blog and showed my daughter who has asked me to recreate it for her... oh dear! Thanks for the inspiration!!! I have added a link to my blog embellishvintage

Peggy said...

Hi! I love your blog and love the seating area. Hot pink is my favorite color. I used that picture on my blog today and linked to you. I'm a little confused, where are your links to your sources?

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