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Friday, April 30, 2010

Living Room Design Consultation

I recently did another {Virtual Design Consultation} for Cheera's Living Room. There were a couple of things Cheera wanted from this space that just weren't quite working for her.Since it is the first room you see when you walk through her front door, she wanted it to feel warm and inviting. What she struggled most with was how to make the room feel like it's own space, but still go with the rest of her house, as her home is a very open floor plan.

The living room opens up to the family room, which opens up to the kitchen.

Open floor plans are great for space, but they often confuse people when it comes to decorating those spaces. Fortunatley, Cheera had a great space to work with.

My Floor Plan for her Living Room:

I suggested bringing in a few more pieces of furniture. The room was too big for just those chairs and that small table inbetween them. I wanted to keep the chairs in the space, but placed them on the opposite wall, to make them less of a focal point. I brought in a couch to go on that wall, as well as another tree from her family room, to balance the wall out. I suggested adding a rug, to ground the space and make it feel more like it's own room, as well as a coffee table or ottoman - something she could use to store her kids toys. Then, finished off with a pair of lamps to give the room some lighting, as it had none overhead.


Cheera also mentioned to me that she wanted that wall to be somewhat of a photo gallery, but she just didn't know how to accomplish it. I explained to her that pre-made picture collages like the ones she had up work really will in small niches around the house. For example, in the picture of the staircase above, it works really well on that small wall. The wall in her front room, however, was too large and the different collages just looked funny.

My Virtual Design:

As mentioned before, I suggested adding a rug, a neutral, lighter colored couch to balance out the darkness in those great leather chairs, as well as a slightly lighter coffee table or ottoman to sort of tie the light and dark pieces of furniture together. I also suggested blowing up a few of her family photos and putting them in bigger frames because that large wall needed larger items on it to look right. And I suggested arranging free frames instead of using those premade collages. She told me she liked the look of quotes on the walls, so I put one on for her so she could see what it would look like. We brought the other tree in and I suggested just getting large matching baskets to put both trees in, to tie them together.

Before - the view from her Family Room:

You can see here how much extra space there was in that room. This is a big reason why it just felt a little awkward to her.

My Virtual Design:

Once again, I moved the chairs to the other side of the room. Then I backed them up with floor lamps which open both upward and downward so they could be used both for reading lights and also to reflect light off the ceiling and light the entire room. I moved the storage bench she already had to the center of that window, and flanked the window with some neutral colored curtains. And as I mentioned before, I moved that plant into the front room.

It's been really fun for me, and I hope the fun continues. To learn more about my design consultations, click {here}.



Wow, that looks SO much better! Great job :)

Nicole said...

You are incredible. Looks incredible!

Cheera said...

Yes, I, of course! love this! We're still working on it...hopefully this summer we'll have a project "completed" profile for you to see! :)

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