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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Flower Cupcakes

Remember how I posted about those shamrock cupcakes {here} and said I've seen marshmallows used as flower cupcake toppers as well? Well, marshmallows have to be the easiest way to make the top of a cupcake look pretty!! All you do to get this pretty rounded flower petal look is cut them with scissors. They round on their own, and look so cute. Here are a few pics.
{Betty Crocker} used large marshmallows and cut them into 4 pieces. She says to sprinkle the cut edges with sprinkles to give them those colors. (Do you like how I'm referring to her as a person?) :) Or you could just use colored marshmallows like this example from {taste}. Either way, it's a very cute and SUPER EASY way to make cupcakes look so adorable. I've also seen people cut the marshmallows diagonally to creat leaves...so cute. Try it!

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