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Monday, April 19, 2010

Family Room Design Consultation

I've been doing a few virtual design consultations and the few I've done have gone better than I'd hoped they would. Here is a taste of one of the rooms I did for Jaclyn. I used pictures she sent of each wall and helped her fix some problems in her livingroom.

Before: Jaclyn really liked the idea of having a red accent wall in her family room, but for some reason she didn't like it once she had it painted. She didn't know what she didn't like, but for some reason it wasn't working for her.

My Virtual Design:

I suggested leaving the wall red. I simply explained to her the reason she didn't like it. The wall is supposed to be a focal point, but the wall looks awkward with the love seat in front of it and the curtains on all but one window and the too small plaque resting uncentered on the wall. I suggested moving the furniture, so that the couch sat diagonally in front of the two corner windows with the arm of the couch resting inbetween the window and the door - so as not to block the door. I also suggested making all the curtains on that wall match and centered on the wall. I suggested using a higher curtain rod that stretched the length of the wall. Higher, because she has vaulted ceilings in this room, and the taller curtains would make the furniture groupings seem less dwarfed.


This room is a large room divided unevenly into a family room and a dining room. The way the room is divided made this photo collage an eyesore for Jaclyn. This long wall has two windows on either end, making you want to have symmetry on the wall. However, the room is divided awkwardly NOT in half so, the living room furniture could not be centered on that wall. So, although Jaclyn centered the photo collage on the wall, something about the space didn't feel right to her.

My Vitural Design: I suggested spreading the photos out evenly between the windows and flanking them with shelves. That way, it wasn't about the center of the wall, it was just about the entire wall. This made it so the furniture didn't have to be centered on the photo collage for it to please the eye. I also suggested arranging the furniture diagonally so no pieces sat against the walls in this space. This would help the room feel dramatically less awkward. My last suggestion was to replace the red curtains with linen or burlap colored drapes.

My Floor Plan:


Here's just one after picture of her room. She did a great job, and I think it looks at least 10 times better. It was so fun helping her with this room! For more info on my design consultations, click {here}.


Ashley said...

Really good job. SO interesting how little changes with what she has made such a difference. I love the red wall with the long curtains. Way to go keep these coming, they're very interesting!

AmyLyn said...

Incredible, Brittany. My mom and I are looking at this post with dropped jaws--you have such an amazing eye for beauty!! I love this blog--I've subscribed to it on google reader and it's so fun for me to read!

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