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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another Construction Party

I've already posted about a Construction Party {HERE}, but I saw this amazing party on {Kara's Party Ideas}. Check it out for more details. I'm in love with it!

LOVE this idea for marking where the party's at. They definitely got creative with paper for the decorations here.Cute use of cones - which you can get at the hardware store - and I love those balloons. I love the colors. Very Constructiony. And that cute little birthday banner.
See what I mean, about the paper? Those cupcake toppers are really cute! I love how they used dump trucks to serve things in and screws and such to hold the napkins down and just decorate with.See how the cups have the same image as those cupcake toppers?...love the cones on the tables, too. Cute signs for the food table, right? I LOVE it!! I love the fabric they used for the table cloths... And at this party I would definitely have the kids come and eat and do presents first. Then, it's off to the sandbox and dirt. And keep them outside until it's time to go home. :)
Love these little hats - one for each guest would be cute. And the signs in the dirt are fun.
I mean, what little boy wouldn't love this!!? I'd probably just throw these things in a big sandbox, though. Keep that sand where it belongs.

The take home pails. Such a fun idea! Great inspiration for any boy's mommy like myself.

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