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Friday, March 19, 2010

Nautical Party

Saw the cutest boy baby shower at {Over Cocktails}.
Love the invitation!
LOVe the way this looks!! Cute little take home gifts with starfish all over them!
I like how they used messages in a bottle as food labels.
Little ships on the tables...
So cute.
And bottles as name place cards and twine as napkin rings.
Love the bunting...it could totally be used during the 4th of July or for any blue party in the future. I also totally love how it's held up by poles stuck in sand in jars on the table!!
This is a great party idea - especially if you already have a lot of sea inspired things. Also a great idea if her nursery is going to have a nautical theme. Your gift could be the decorations. Love it.


*angie* said...

super cute idea! thanks for posting!

Janelle Dobson said...

Wow! That's adorable.

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