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Friday, March 5, 2010

More Kitchen Windowseats

To see the first group of Kitchen Windowseats I posted about, click {here}. I've since found more, and I really love this idea - especially in small spaces.
I mean, think of all the light this corner of windows will bring into your kitchen. And windowseats add so much seating - without all the chairs. Not to mention all the storage you can have in the bench.
It's kind of fun to think about looking out the window while you're eating. I think this would be especially refreshing at breakfast.
They just look so cozy. Eat in kitchens are nice because everyone congregates in the kitchen anyways. But the windowseat makes it look so much more inviting.
Here's a bench without the window behind it. I still like the bench idea...but I wish there were a window...
I guess they make the space feel a little bit more casual. But, you could dress it up as much as you want.It seems like people are often selling a table without the chairs. Here is your solution to finding the perfect table with not enough chairs. :)
I just can't get over how much I love all the light pouring in!!

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