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Friday, May 28, 2010

Turquoise Kitchen

I know this kitchen's been all over the internet lately, but I love it just like everyone else does, so I'm saving it on here. :)
Some great decorating tips - love that serving teir, and the silver watering can right by the sink.  As well as the silver soap dispencer.
And the silver kitchenaid goes nicely, too.  Also, those "xoxo" and "love" pics look hand painted, but so perfect for this space!!  Great idea.  Love the white canisters, too.
I'm liking the turquoise color with the pops of lemon and lime.  They add a lot to the space!  That island looks so fun.
I really like the use of the word "enjoy" in a kitchen.  What a great way to sum up what goes on in there.  I love the copper backsplash, too.
One more look at that awesome island - who says you can't have an island if it's not built in?
Saw this on {the little things}.  Didn't she do a fantastic job!!?

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