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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gas Stove Miracle

This miracle brought to you by {Nannygoat}. I saw this on her blog and I about died.
If you have a gas stove, you know how yucky gas stoves get. Mine used to be WAY worse than this. I was so ashamed, but not strong enough to scrub the gunk off. Well nannygoat just put her burners in a ziplock and sprayed some ammonia in there. Then she let them sit overnight and the next morning all that grime just wiped off - so she says.
And they looked like this. I was amazed, because I could never get mine clean. So, I tried it. And I was too ashamed to take a before picture of my burners...seriously they were nasty. But it worked really well. I wouldn't say it was as easy as she made it sound - I definitely had to rub hard and it took a while to get all those corners clean, but the point is that they came clean. Totally clean. Like brand new. It's amazing!


Miller Family said...

Sorry, currious, the second picture looks like it too off the finish, did that happen? Or is the angle of the picture make it look that way? Thanks! Looks like a great way if it doesn't loose the finish.

Brittany said...

Answer: it didn't even come close to taking the finish off. Not even a scratch. Hope that helps!

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