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Friday, February 19, 2010

Warm & Cozy Room

What does it take to make a room feel nice, and warm, and inviting? It can be done a number of different ways.
1. In this first room, warm colors - the reds and oranges - are hardly present. Where they are in the room, they are muted. But you still feel a warmth when looking at this space. It comes from the wooden furniture, the lanterns and other candles, and the throw tossed casually across the sofa. This room evokes warmth by making one feel at ease - like they are at home. It's very comfortable.

2. The architecture of this room is warm in and of itself. Arts and Crafts make a room feel handcrafted which gives this room a cozy feel. The use of red paint as a wainscoting - only on the lower part of the wall - is perfect here. Any more and it may have been over done. Mission style furniture brings in more of that handcrafted element. And the browns of the wood and leather make this room feel warm just looking at it.

3. This cozy chair is a perfect addition to any room. Warmth in a single piece of furniture. The deep red curtains, pillows, and rug bring that warmth in as well. And those flowers remind us of harvest and autumn which is a cozy time of year - adding that to this space.
4. The use of those chairs again just make you want to curl up and sit here for a while. The earthy tones in the pottery on the mantle add a nice, homemade feel. The candles bring warmth wherever they go. Subtle touches of red in the rug and those sparse autumnal flowers add warm color to the space.
5. Here is another room that has that warm feeling without so much of the warm colors. Where they are present, they are very subtle - in the pillows and in the rug - yet they are present and add that warm feeling to this space. The color of this sofa is reminiscent of autumn, and that brings out the cozy feeling that fills this room.

6. This space is very inviting and carries both a warm and a calming feeling which is sometimes hard to attain in a room. It's nice when a room carries this vibe, though because it means it will be comfortable in both the cold winter and the hot summer. The warmth comes from the red in the pillows and the rug, as well as the leather ottoman. The calming feeling comes from the couch and the walls, as well as from the windows and all that light spilling into the room. It's amazing how natural light can make a room always feel like summertime.

7. This cozy room carries all the traditional earth tones that bring warmth to a space. That tangerine colored sofa brings so much spice to this room. The green on the walls is a warm green so it adds to that feeling. The deep colors in this room make it feel so rich, and the coffered ceiling adds a richness to this space as well.
8. Everything about this space feels very rich, and warm, and inviting. The warm colors on the walls sets the tone for the space. The reds in the pillow and the wood add just enough color to make the luxurious furniture stand out.

9. Here is another space that has those warm colors, but still carries a cooling calm feeling. This space would feel comfortable all year long. The white built-ins behind the sofa bring a coolness to this space, especially since they are filled with light colors. I love the pops of red in the pillows and the flowers - just enough to add a punch of warmth. The rug which looks like a quilt has a nice homespun feel and is made up of muted warm colors. The light curtains flanking that huge wall of windows add a summer breeze to this room.
10. This space is warmed up by these cinnamon colored walls. They set the scene for this room, along with the wood floors. I like how most of the large pieces in this room are primarily white to calm down that wall color. If you're going to go dark on the walls, you have to go light on the furniture unless you want the room to feel heavy. The white curtains really lighten the space as well. But I love those pillows and other accessories - different versions of that wall color and they tie the room all together.

11. If you're looking for a warm color but want to go a little less bold than red, this tangerine color is for you. Those curtains bring so much spice into this room! And this color is repeated in slight variations throughout the room. This room also feels cozy because there are a lot of pieces of furniture in it. It is an eclectic room which gives it a homey feeling.

12. This room has a warm feeling that is sort of borrowed from the adjacent room back there. Those bold red curtains and that tangerine wall color add a lot to this space. The reds and oranges in this room are pretty muted, but they borrow from that other room and give this room the warmth. Once again, candles add a lot to the space and the wrought iron bring in a handmade feeling - which adds to the coziness.

13. Here is another room that has that warm and cozy feel without the deep dark warm colors. Warm tones are there in their muted form. The wall color is slightly warm and the pillows bring some of that warmth in. But, I think this space would feel cool in the winter as well. Most of this room is neutral, so change a few items and you've got a whole new feel to the room. Love rooms like that.
14. Here is another room that is primarily neutral. Little pops of warm colors in the wood armoir and pillow bring warmth in. It's not as much of a cozy room, because the furniture and accessories in it are so chic. However, I think it looks very comfortable to be in.

15. Here is a more modern room with that same warm and cozy feeling. The warmth coming from the warm colors in the pillows, ottoman, and throw. The neutral couches are a perfect setting for any kind of feeling in this room.

16. This room just reminds me of a typical family room. I would be willing to bet a big screen TV is on the wall behind this photographer. It's pretty clear that the warmth is emanated from the colors in the rug, that chair, and the pillows and other accessories. Large sectional sofas always bring a cozy feeling to a room. They beg you to come and sit on them.

17. And lastly, here is another room full of that tangerine color. Love the sea grass shades on the windows. Very beachy and warm feeling. Those drapes are so dramatic and are bringing so much color into this room. That large floral arrangement on the mantle is full of autumnal flowers and reeds and adds a lot of coziness. And all the accessories in this space are full of those warm colors.

So, to recap - if you want to bring warmth into your space, here are some guidelines:

1. The quickest way to change the feeling in a room is to paint the walls in a warm color.

2. If you don't want to change the walls, add in furniture or accessories in those warm fall colors, but remember that a little goes a long way.

3. If you don't want to go that bright, still use those colors, just in muted form.

4. Add handmade looking items.

5. Wood always brings warmth into a space.

6. Rugs make spaces feel grounded and cozy.

7. Autumn inspired floral arrangements bring the space instant cozy feelings.

8. Candles spread warmth everywhere they go whether they're lit or not.

9. Mixing up the furniture - instead of getting everything matchy matchy - makes the room feel more like home.

Happy Decorating!

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