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Monday, February 22, 2010

Fancy Party

Check out {The Pleated Poppy} for more details about this fancy event!

To Make A Fancy Party
Step 1. Send out invitations telling all the princesses to dress in their fanciest attire.
Step 2. Layer pretty much everything with feathers, beads, ribbons and lace.

especially the chandelier
Step 3. Great the princesses at the door, which is decorated of course.
Step 4. Color Fancy Nancy pictures and look at her books.
Step 5. Decorate a table in fancy settings and lots of pink.
Step 6. Eat fancy parfaits.
Step 7. Get a bunch of fancy things to gether to decorate hats with.
yes, that is her fancy hairdo
the finished hats - so cute! (Mom's helped with the glue guns)Step 8. When the birthday girl opens your present, you get a manicure.

I had to laugh at this party. Wouldn't I have loved this...in fact I think I did have a party like this one time. At least I vividly remember decorating a hat and dressing up in my fanciest attire.

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Cheera said...

This couldn't have come at a better time! My daughter is having a pink princess party this weekend! lol...we're all ready, but I love the idea of hanging all her beaded necklaces (we have at least a hundred) from the chandelier!

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