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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rose Lampshade

I posted about this once before {here} but at the time I was only imagining it in a little girl's room as it is in this picture.

Then I saw this lovely image:
I'm in love with this lampshade!! It looks oh so easy to make, too. Just glue silk roses to the lampshade. I LOVE the way this looks in both the pink girl's room and in this more adult room above. Such a cute idea! And a great way to bring flowers and femininity to the bedroom without overdoing it or making your husband feel like he's out of place, as is often the case. This is tasteful elegance to a tee.


Amy said...

Oh I LOVE this! I, too, had noticed that adorable pink rose shade from Pottery Barn...thanks for sharing the grown up version! White roses are my favorite!

Angela said...

I saw a similar lampshade at pottery barn kids on sale for $59! And that's just the shade, not the lamp. I love it too and plan to make one for the room my 2 daughter's share. What kind of glue would you use? I was thinking hot glue, but I wondered if the heat from the light would reactivate the glue and cause a mess?

Brittany said...

Angela, I've thought about that, too. I think they have other kinds of glue at the craft store that would work, but if I ever make it, I'll try hot glue first. Chances are the lamp won't get hot enough to do any damage. If, it does, I'd just ask the ladies at the craft store for another option. Good luck!

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