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Friday, January 8, 2010

My Finished Quiet Book

I've been working on this for a while - just a little bit here and a little bit there. But, I really wanted to get it done finally so I decided to give myself a deadline. I gave this to my son for Christmas, so it's finally finished!
For the cover, I found this quilted fabric at Walmart. I sewed these felt letters to the front as well as some buttons. Then, I ironed-on interfacing to the back to give it some strength. I used the same fabric for the inside of the cover. I punched holes in it where I wanted the rings to go to hold my pages in - and I put grommets in the holes to reinforce them. And then I sewed the two pieces together and put some button holes in. It was really pretty easy. The hole punching was the most difficult part.Page 1 is a clock. The hands can move around because they have grommets in them and they are attached to the clock by using a brad. So you can put them on what time it is.

Page 2 & 3 are a stop light and a map. There is a pocket holding the stop light colors so you match them to the right color on the light.
There is also a pocket holding some little button cars attached to the page by ribbons so they don't get lost. You can drive them around the map. I wanted to use micro machines but I couldn't find any...
Page 4 & 5 are Noah's Ark and a rainbow. The ark has a zipper at the top and inside are all these finger puppets.
This page took the longest to make - by far! Those finger puppets took a long time to make. But they turned out really well, I think.
The rainbow colors are pockets so you can arrange the animals two by two.

Page 6 & 7 are a money bag and a counting page.
There are coins in the bag and the number page has velcro on it, so you can attach the coins. There's also a little envelope to put the 10th coin in.
Page 8 & 9 are a missionary page and Jonah and the whale. The missionary tags are from Deseret Book and they say "Missionary in Training" on them. They are a pin kids can wear.
The whale has a zipper mouth so Jonah can be swallowed by the whale.
Page 10 & 11 are a letter and a mailbox. The envelope has crayons, a note pad and some envelopes in it.
And once the letters are written they can be put in the mailbox which has a pocket on the front.
Page 12 is baby Moses in a basket.
The basket strings are un attached so you have to weave them together to make a basket. And that's the end. We've used it once at church and it helped a little bit. My son's still too young to understand a lot of these activities, but I think he'll be able to use it for a long time. I remember using mine when I was a little girl and for that reason it was really fun to make and to give to him.


Rach said...


Kirsten said...

Brittany this quiet book is amazing!!! You are so incredible, I love it!!!

Janelle Dobson said...

So beautiful! Did you use a template for it or did you do it freelance? I have a kit I bought from Deseret Book 3 years ago and I'm still only half way finished with it- it won't be near as cute as yours...you always were the artist. Way to go!

Brittany said...

I didn't buy a template or anything, but I definitely copied other ideas I saw online. You can see all the quiet books I looked at if you go to "My Finished Projects" on the side bar. I know - it takes a lot of motivation to finish one of these! That's why I gave myself a deadline.

jennifer said...

OH MY GOSH! THat is awesome! my great grandmother made one for me and i am dying to do one for my kiddos...one day! i'm so impressed with yours!

Randomlicious Memoirs said...

I've become quite obsessed with googling quiet books...and I want to make one really bad, but I'm not the best at sewing and I'm pretty intimidated to take on a project that big! Maybe one day. Yours turned out great! I'm so glad I found your blog, lots of great ideas.

Randomlicious Memoirs said...

I'm a little obsessed with googling quiet books and I'm so glad I found your blog. I haven't actually tried to make one yet, I'm pretty intimidated. I'm not a good sewer and I fear it will turn out terrible! Yours looks awesome! Great job! Great book ideas

Nicole said...

Good, finally Brent can be quiet at church!
From Devin

Mike, Heidi, and Matthew said...

Did you have a template or did you freelance it? I love your book. You have some way cute ideas. Could you let me know where or how you got your ideas? You are very creative.

Ulrikes Smaating said...

hej brittany,
you have a really nice blog!
this is a really cute quietbook! that was a lot of work, i know :0)
I´ve finished now my first "Harry Potter" quietbook, if you want to see it:http://ulrikes-smaating.blogspot.dk/2012/08/zauberhaftes-mein-teaser.html
I´m german,but we live in denmark...
greetings from denmark

Unknown said...

I love your quiet book! It's simple but so cute! Just wondering what kind of fabric you used as a background for each page? I'm in the planning/purchasing material stage of making one for my two kiddos and I'm torn between using cute, fun, but more expensive fabric and more plain white/off-white background. Thanks!

Brittany said...

Tara, I just used muslin as tha page background. And 5 years later it's still holding up strong! The pages are double sided so there are two pieces of fabric per page. Does that make sense? Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions!

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