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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stockings For All

Just a few great images from PB where stockings shine no matter what the style is.
Cozy Cabin: Love how they used different sizes here. And those wood candles are so cute - especially mixed with the berries on top of that mantle.

Chic Woods: It's very wintery with the white stockings as well as the snow behind that garland that looks like they just pulled it fresh out of the wood. Woodsy can still be chic!

Merry and Bright: I LOVE those shimmer candles and the different heights and colors of the candles and candlesticks make such a statement on top of that mantle! I like the garland swagging behind those stockings, too.

Home Sweet Home: This one most reminds me of home. Probably because we had about that many stockings... I really like that garland running behind the picture frame stocking hangers. Such a cute, idea!

Modern Twist: For those without a fireplace, we ALWAYS hung our stockings on the stairs...even when we had a fireplace. I think it looks really cute. I also love the starburst lanterns in this entry way, and the use or more neutral colors. It's a more subtle Christmas palet. For people who don't like pine needles, here is a great alternative: use a boxwood garland. Those square boxwood "wreaths" are pretty cool, too.

Modern Classic: Hung by the fire place as usual, but the mantle is topped with lime green Christmas accents. I love the shimmery lime berries and those little Christmas trees up there are so cute!

Cool and Collected: To me, this mantle looks less winterized than the other ones. For those who live in a warmer climate, take notes. It's still Christmas-ish, but without all the cold weather accessories...because those would seem weird if it's still in the 80's and above outside.

Homespun: Another idea for the home without a fireplace - hang those stockings on a coat rack. They look pretty cute here mixed in with those tiny wreaths. Cute.

Traditional: Another shot of hanging the stockings from the stairs. I know it's not practical, but I love the presents and candles lining the stairs. And the little wreaths hung in random spots on the walls are pretty cute, too. Don't those pillows look cozy!?

Traditional Elegance: The picture from all the storybooks. Stockings hung from a mantle covered in pine bows. I do love the lanterns up there as well. And aren't these chairs so inviting!!?

Merry Christmas!


Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming said...

Love each and every one of these! Thanks for posting them all together...such great eye candy! Happy Holidays!

Unknown said...

Love the wrought iron coat rack with the stockings! Where can I find that?

Unknown said...

I love the wrought iron coat rack featured with the stockings! Can you share where I might be able to purchase it?

Brittany said...

Katie, it's from Potterybarn: http://www.potterybarn.com/products/9622853/?catalogId=13&bnrid=3318529&cm_ven=Google_PLA&cm_cat=Decor_Pillows&cm_pla=Hardware&cm_ite=Cast_Iron_Row_of_Hooks&adtype=pla

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