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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

When I was little, we always made "Gingerbread Houses" but never used gingerbread. I've never tried to make gingerbread, but I think my mom did that because it was a lot easier! :) Just use one cracker for each wall of the house and then two for the roof. You have to cut them down a little bit, but look how cute it can look:
Don't you love those red roof tiles!! Haha. And that mailbox is amazing. I also love that snowman in the back. What a cute idea to set them up on a bed of coconut to look like snow.
The tiles on this one are pretty cute, too. But those wreaths on the doors are the cutest part of these!
Aw, look at the little lamp posts! I love how all these houses are color coordinated. Maybe you could have each child choose a color for their house. So fun! But don't dream of them looking this good! I especially love the firewood outside the front door. So cute!! And what a great idea to use those cones as trees.This one is pretty creative, too. They've also got some firewood, but I like how they used those pretzels to make the house look more like a cottage! Oh, these are so cute. All of these images are courtesy of {Simply Seleta}.
Merry Christmas!

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