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Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Up Your Entry

Love this spread from Potterybarn!
Those old fashioned sleds are so fun! And I love all the lanterns lining these steps. The votives are really cute, too, but let's be practical...they'd get broken...maybe even stepped on. Silly Potterybarn.

The giant red bucket/planter filled with firewood and pine bows is really a nice touch. And I love the garland and all the ornaments hanging on it. The bows on all the lanterns and on the corners of the garland sure are cute!The hanging lantern and porch lights are so cute, too. Those would be good all year, but they add a nice touch mixed with all the other lanterns lining the steps. And that rocking chair with presents sitting in it...so cute! I love the wreath, too. What is Christmas without a wreath on the door? This just looks so inviting. I love it!

And here's another entry from Potterybarn that caught my eye:

Love how low the wreath is hung on that red door! It's so cute! I think wreaths are often hung toooo high. This one has those lanterns, too, although they are a little different... It's so cute. I love the lanterns! But this porch is also lined with Christmas trees...well, little pine trees, but they decorated them like Christmas trees. Just a few ornaments and lots of lights. I especially like that little tree planted in the urn. Cute.

And once again, so inviting! Those windows are amazing! I love the transom above the door. And the garland just enhances the beauty of this entry because it frames it so well. I really like that they strung it above that transom. Another thing I love about both of these entryways is that you can see the Christmas Tree through the windows. That just makes me want to go inside even more. :)

Merry Christmas!

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