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Friday, December 18, 2009

Chic Christmas Party

May all your Christmas parties look like this one.
It's seriously just stunning, isn't it?!! I mean, it is Potterybarn, so you would expect it to be great, but they totally outdid themselves here. I think this would even make a great wedding reception. Click on the pictures for an even larger veiw.

To start, I love the large stars and ornaments hanging from the ceiling. You can buy them at their store, but they're just made of paper...so if anyone knows how to make these, please tell me. Those green patterned table clothes are pretty, aren't they?? And I like their use of chair covers - only every other chair gets one. Great way to save money if you ask me - because the whole picture still looks really dressed up. I guess all the chairs are nice, though.
Those little paper hearts hanging off the back of the chairs are really cute, too.
I love how it's totally Christmas-themed, but not all out red and green. But, those colors are still there...just a taste of them. :) The bark vases on the tables are amazing. They sell those, too, but maybe you could just go chop down an aspen tree...haha. :) I have actually seen that bark just sold in rolls, though, so perhaps you could make your own. Love those bright white flowers - very perfect for winter, and they go so well with the fake snow in the center of all the tables. I also love how there's ornaments and little votive candles sitting in the snow.
So pretty!
Happy Entertaining, and Merry Christmas!

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