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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Personal Pies

I saw this cuter than cute idea on {Our Best Bites} and I wanted to save it on here so I can use it over and over again.

Using these squatty half pint jars, she filled them with pie dough:

Then used the jar lids to cut out tops for the pies.Then she filled them with pie filling.

And put the lids on.

All different kinds of lids. :) And then she froze them. All of these directions are layed out on her site, which is linked to this post above.

When you're ready to eat them, bake them frozen and they turn out like this:

I love this!! I think it's a really cute gift idea since the Holidays are approaching, but really this is something that could be done all year, right? You can give it to them frozen with the baking instructions. She says you can eat it right out of the jar, or turn it out and put it on a plate. They remind me of those cookie in a jar gifts that I used to see all over. But I like this better. So cute, huh!?


Nicole said...

Oh my gosh that is the best idea EVER! Man, if I want to get a little creative juice flowing, I just visit your website!!!

Jen Bailey said...

Hi. I found you through Kinetic Coherence a month or two ago. This pie idea is terrific. I have LOVED your blog and appreciate all of your posts. Keep it up!

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