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Friday, October 9, 2009

Halloween Tree

 Love this idea from {Woman's Day}. Not only does it make a great Halloween decoration, but it's a very creative way to give party treats away - if you're planning on having a Halloween party. To make the tree, just spray paint a branch black and then anchor it (I'd use plaster of paris). And then cover whatever is anchoring it with black rocks. It would look good just like that, or you could hang decorations from it too, but for the treat bags, you can click on the link and get the tutorial.

Here is another version I saw on {Crafting Chicks}.
She just hung ornaments on it.
Or maybe her kids did. :)
Wouldn't they love doing that!?

Cute idea.

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Diana Cedillo said...

Cute idea. I knew I wanted my students to make a plaster tree, we just wanted to ideas on ways of decorating the pots. We're going to spray them white and my students give them to their mothers for Mother's Day.

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