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Friday, August 21, 2009

Upping Your Curb Appeal

Better Homes and Gardens has a set of tips called {Making the Sale Before They Walk in the Door}. I think they're some great ideas if you're trying to sell, or even if you just want your house to be the best looking one on the block. Here they are:
Make the Front Door Special
Spruce up your front door with a coat of glossy paint in whatever color best suits the style of your home. A cottage-style house may look great with a country blue door, a Colonial may be crying out for a cheerful red door. As long as it's fresh and not too trendy, it'll attract positive attention. Make sure the door doesn't squeak when it opens, too!
Ring Their Bell
Impress potential buyers with attention to detail. Clean or replace all front-door accoutrements, whether it's the doorbell (if you don't have one, install one; some actually run on batteries), the address numbers, the doorknocker, the doorknob and key lock -- even the mailbox. A stylish new set of hardware can help make a great first impression.
Dress the Porch
Say "Welcome" with a few pots of seasonal plants and a decorative door mat. If the porch is large, make sure there's a comfortable seat or swing in good condition. Check that steps and railings are stable and in good repair.
Make It Sparkle
Wash your exterior windows until they shine. Don't forget to clean shutters, gutters, and siding, as well. It's never a bad thing to look like an overachiever in the home maintenance department.
Clear the Path
Power wash the sidewalk, driveway, and any other surfaces leading up to your front door. Let the area dry before prospective buyers arrive. Make sure garbage cans and recycling bins are empty, clean, and put out of sight.
Go for a Great Garage
If your garage is visible from the street in front of your house, make sure it's as good looking as your house -- and matches the style of your home. If your garage door has seen better days, consider painting it, or replacing it with one of the newer models that add architectural interest with rows of windows or carriage-house styling.
Simple Landscaping
You don't have to have the fanciest flora and fauna in the neighborhood to impress a potential buyer, but you must have a well-maintained, nice-looking yard. Flowerbeds, foundation plantings, paths, and borders can make a huge difference in your home's appeal. If you buy small plantings and let them grow into their role, you get a particularly high value per investment. Mowed grass, well-kept flowerbeds, and a fence that's in good condition will all get a thumbs up. If your outside looks good, buyers will already be anticipating a great inside.
Store the Clutter
The tricycle, the wheelbarrow, the sprinkler, the Frisbee that finally slid off the roof -- put it all out of sight so that your yard looks bigger, cleaner, and more appealing. If Fido usually parks outside, clean up his area (including doing doggy doo-doo duty and removing "Beware of Dog" signs!), and put away his bones and toys. Send all pets "on vacation" during buyer visits.
Perk Up the Patio
If your deck or outdoor wooden furniture is looking tired, give it a new coat of stain or paint to freshen it up. Make sure your grill is covered or in great condition; if not, put it away. Place a few well-positioned pots of flowers or herbs near the back door along with another doormat.
Trim the Trees
Make sure no large trees are too close to the house or to power lines. Not only can trees cramp a home's style by making the home dark or obscuring interesting architectural details, they can lean over dangerously and fill the gutters with leaves. Careful pruning will let the sun shine in and keep your home safe.

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Dionne said...

We're thinking in this mode these days -- realizing that curb appeal is incredibly important for when we do sell this house. Thanks for the great tips!

p.s. I would LOVE to live in ANY of those houses ;) I just have to make my house look as appealing within 2 years!

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