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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rain Gutter Book Shelves

I have posted about front facing bookshelves before {here} and {here}, but I always thought of it as basically a hanging bookcase. These rain gutter shelves really caught my eye because a) I can make them myself - yeay! - and b) there is no limit to how big they are, how many shelves they have, etc. Love them!!
{Raising Olives} has a great tutorial for these shelves on her blog.

She also has some great things to say about them:

The{ theory behind these rain gutter book shelves} is that they encourage children to read more because they can see the fronts of the books and are intrigued, rather than just seeing the edge of the book and not being able to tell what it is about.
Rain gutter shelves won’t hold a ton of books, not nearly as many as the same space used for traditional shelving. However, they certainly are prettier and much easier for young children to help themselves without making a mess. Plus, our children are reading the books that are on the rain gutter shelving more than they ever read them when they were shelved more traditionally in their bedrooms.

I love the idea. And I love the way they look. Thank you Raising Olives!
Here's another image I found somewhere using those raingutter book shelves. I love how they're sitting on top of bead board in this boys room.

So cute!

1 comment:

Raising Olives said...

Thanks for the link.

We love our rain gutter book shelves, but my husband finally said enough is enough and I'm on a mandatory hiatus from installing anymore. One of my readers suggested the bathroom and that is when he put his foot down. :)

Thanks again!

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