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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Playhouse Under the Stairs

I had this in my house growing up and loved it!! But, this one from {Nannygoat} just seems so much cuter. Don't you love that welcome sign? It's a vinyl wall decal.
These extremely cute curtains she made out of placemats. Just sewed a case at the top for the curtain rod. Great place for a puppet show.

Yes, this playhouse even has an accent wall. :) I love it! And I love that clip board for kids to hang their artwork on. Love the idea of them putting their artwork up proudly in their playspace.

And what a cute table! I love how grown up everything looks.
They have a hook board for all their dress up clothes and a mirror to reference when they're ready. :) And a vacuum to keep it clean. haha.
Oh what a cute little house. The only thing my mom did that she didn't is put in a fireplace with molding and then she painted the flames and logs on the wall. It was really cute.

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