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Friday, August 28, 2009

Kitchen Re-Do

{Vintage Junky} has a great kitchen renovation!
Here it is before:

Pretty standard. Nice, but not wow.

And here it is After:

WOW! I love the white cabinets. They painted the top a creamy white and the bottoms grey. I probably would have done them all white...but it's not mine, is it!?

Gave it a great new backsplash. And just changed the drawer pulls. All the other knobs were already great. But the new drawer pulls do add a lot, don't they?

Great new light and I love how that bar is actually a bar now, instead of a 5" wide nothing up there. LOVE those corbels holding it up!! And don't you love those hydrangeas. I do. :)

Another wall in their kitchen is this. It's cute too.

My favorite part is this sink area, though. I LOVE those huge corbels~ They look so great there. And the plant is adorable. I also love the bowls for the scrubber and cloths. It makes them look elegant! I need to do that. Anyway, great renovation!! Check the link at the top out for more detailed pics and descriptions of what they did.

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