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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Pirate Party

{Vintage Junky} just posted about another Pirate party. She had some great ideas!

"X" marks the spot - cute way of telling people where the party is!

Love this pirate ship that I think she made. Cute tablescape with the linen runner and the maps under the boat and that bottle...
She made a bunting of his name in cute pirate fabric. What a perfect pirate name, too.

I love these sheets! Step 1: have a back porch with a wooden pergola overhead. Step 2: hang cheap sheets from it. I love pergolas! You can do so many things with them!!

Love that globe - very fitting decor. And I love that lemonaid pitcher too!

Of course - a barrel full of drinks.

I really like this idea. They made him a sort of "grooms cake" one just for him to destroy. And it's a treasure chest! So cute!

And they also had this other one for everyone else. Love the gold coins and the map on the cake.

And then her take home bags were actually pails. I love it!

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