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Friday, February 26, 2010

Sharing a Room

I'm kinda partial to sharing a room. I did it with at least one other sister my whole life. Then I shared rooms with room mates until I got married. And now I share one with my husband. So I really like these examples of stylish shared rooms. I really like how this room has separate areas for the members who sleep in it. I also like the use of similar bedding just of different colors so they feel like their space is individual to them.
This is kind of a cool idea - to have a sitting area in the middle of the room.
I really love this room! I love the colors and the splashes of that awesome wallpaper. Anymore than what they used here would have been too much of that bold print. I love the headboards and how there's a pop of pink on the beds. Very cute and chic. This room could grow up with your girls.
In college I found that my room seemed twice as big when we would arrange our beds in the corners like this room.
The only problem was that we didn't have an awesome corner headboard like these from Potterybarn. It seems like it would be pretty easy to build.
And once again, I like the use of similar bedding in different colors. It brings the room together, but also gives the members individuality.
Ah, bunk beds. I'm pretty sure every kid loves them.
I like this bunk bed with a trundle bed underneath - great for guests as the picture suggests. This is also a great bright colored room!!
When my mom was growing up, they had a lot of girls, so they put in a room full of built in bunk beds. We still sleep on them! It's such a party and it doesn't take up too much room, either.
A Life's Design had this picture on their blog. Doesn't it look fun!? I like that each bunk has it's own lamp.
This image is from Skona and Hem. I like how these built-ins have such a wide ledge next to the mattress. This is a really cute boys room.
{Urban Grace Interiors} had this image on their blog. I love the curtains! And the mirrors at the head of each bed.
I LOVE the colors in this room! These bunk beds are clearly built to stay here, but not tucked away in the wall. That looks great too.
This room just reminds me of a ship. Maybe it's the colors or the floor or the ladders, but something reminds me of sailors. I think it's really cute and really well done.
And here are some built-ins that aren't bunk beds. Don't these look cute with the curtains and the beams on the ceiling. I love the beams!!
I like how this room has a lot of storage. The shelves look cute, don't they, and it looks like there are drawers built-in under the beds.
The built-ins in this room are a great use of space in a room with a slanted ceiling. I also love those cubbies in between the beds.
These images from Potterybarn made me decide that I want three girls and I want them to share a room and I want it to look just like this.
Especially this one, with the different colored bedding that all still matches and the names above the beds. And it would have to be upstairs in a gabled room just like the one below - because I love the way that looks.
I like these boys rooms, too.
Especially this one - very masculine bedding, but still with the different colors, and I really like how a different sport is above each bed - just giving them that individuality again.
And in case you ever need to have a boy and a girl share the same room, here is a little inspiration for how to make it work. This room is so cute! And it flows really well, but you can totally tell which is the boy bed and which is the girl bed. And I really like that.


Julie said...

All of the sudden, I have a sudden urge to be a kid again. Even if I had to go through junior high again. Those are the cutest rooms I have ever seen. I used to dream about rooms like these when I was little. So cute! Thanks for the inpsiration.

Dionne said...

Those are very great rooms, Brittany! I love all those bunkbed pictures -- especially that nautical looking room -- I could fit all of my boys in 1 cleverly arranged room! Maybe someday. . . and I hope you get your 3 girls ;) I used to think I'd have lots of girls to do their hair everyday -- oh, how funny life is to us sometimes!

Nicole Mac said...

where did the bedding come from?? I love it!! My youngest 2, a boy and girl are going to have to share a room as soon as my son is out of his crib... Anyhow, I love the bedding!!

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