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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pink Bedroom

Many times people try to achieve the pink room look but they completely overdo it and it turns out looking totally barbie, bubblegum, hot pink. They key is to use softer pinks, as Potterybarn did in this cute pink room. There are so many things I love about it. Let's start with the cute painted pink stripes. LOVE them, but I especially love how they're not on every wall, and they're not even on a full wall. There could easily be too much of them. But, they've done it right here. I also love the so so soft pink roman shades lining that beautiful bay window area. The canopy is really cute and I love that it's done in white. Not pink. That would have been a bit too much. I love how the bed and furniture is a cream color. It also softens the pink. The pink bedding is great. But what could be my favorite part, is the rose lamp shade. Oh my gosh! How cute is that!! Potterybarn doesn't sell it, but it looks so easy to make with ANY lamp, some white spray paint, some pink roses and some hot glue. Oh so cute!

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