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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Perfect Livingroom

I have a hard time transitioning my home from Winter to Summer. In the Winter time I always want things to feel warm and cozy, so I use a lot of dark tones to decorate. In the Summer, I always want things to be light and airy, so I want light tones around. So, I'm a little conflicted because I want things to feel different in different seasons, but I don't want to have to redecorate all the time. Well, this room designed by Candice Olson is the perfect fit for me. I wish I could find other pictures of the finished room, but this is it. Although I don't love some things about it, like I could do without the huge TV, or at least have it hidden, and I'm not in love with a fireplace with no hearth or mantle, I still love the feeling of this room. I just love the mixture of whites and browns, of light fabrics and heavy fabrics. I think this room could really rotate well from season to season and year to year. It's light enough to feel good in the summer, but cozy enough to feel good in the winter. It will be my inspiration.

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