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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I've been collecting pictures of Kitchens for quite some time and I'm beginning to realize something.

I like white kitchens.
I was not intentionally looking for white. I was just saving images that I really liked.

Well, every one of these kitchens is mostly white.
Love the fire place and sitting area in this one, by the way!
And it's funny. I always thought I liked a dark brown, rich looking kitchen. I guess I had no idea what I really liked.
I LOVE these kitchens! They look so calm, clean, and inviting to me.
I LOVE white with brown, though. So, I guess the brown hasn't disappeared all together, at least. Like this dark brown floor. I love it with the white. And it almost looks like those countertops are a deep brown as well. Love it. I love the transom windows at the tops of these cabinets!!
So charming.

It's kind of fun to have that island be a dark brown, too.Someday my kitchen will have fun things like two dishwashers and a pot filler and two islands...well maybe...wow.

White kitchens just make me go "Ahhhhh"...

1 comment:

kamille said...

all of these kitchens are beautiful! white kitchens are my favorite too! definitely a "must" in my dream house :)

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