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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baby Food Lid Memory

I've posted some ideas for some memory games on this blog before {here} and {here}, but {Homemade by Jill} just had this great idea. And I like it because it's using something you would probably otherwise throw away. She made a memory game out of baby food jar lids. I love it! Why stop there, you could use jam jar lids, too. Very durable and cheap. :) Check out the link above, she has a PDF you can download if you want those shapes. I think it might be fun to put pictures of people they know in the lids. That would make a fun and personal memory game.

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The Viehweg's said...

Love this idea, pics of family would be a lot of fun for Keegan. Now if only I still had a baby for the jar lids.

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