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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Lovely Nurseries

I just think this room looks so sophisticated. I love the wall stripes. I love the rug. I love the simplicity of the two frames above the crib. And the colors green, blue, and yellow are very nice together.

Something about a monochromatic blue room for a little boy just makes me happy.
I love espresso wood furniture. It looks so good, and I especially love dark wood floors. All that paired with crisp white in this photo make it look amazing. And those little clothes hangning behind the crib are just too cute.

This is SUCH a cute nursery!! I've always loved pink and green together. I imagine I might do that color scheme if I had a girl. I just think this room is so well done. Well, maybe just a little neon for me, but still great inspiration from Design Dazzle.
When I think pink and green, I think more like this:
A bit more muted. I love the window treatments in this picture, and that little vase of flowers on the shelf.
Here is another pink and green that suits me better.
I love how they did the name in this room. Great idea! And those window treatments are so cute! I also really like the idea of giving a crib a bedside tablel. Funny. But so cute.
This one my be my favorite of all.
So much to love. Starting with that curl on the wall. It always looks great to have plain white bedding next to a colored wall. I love that scalloped edge on the bedding. I also love the rug. Pink and brown is a great color combo.

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Jaclyn said...

Do you take special requests? :) Lee and I are looking to finally paint and decorate our bedroom. I think I want to go with a color scheme that includes chocolate brown.... but I'm stuck! You always seem to find the most beautiful pictures and inspirations... any way you'd take a request and help find some inspiration for my room? I'm thinking chocolate brown and cream but I'm open. Lee HATES brown and blue together... sad. :) I don't know if I should do an accent wall brown or if I should do a molding halfway up the wall and paint the bottom brown and the top some other color? What other color? what color bedding would look nice? how do I tie in the master bathroom? AHHHHH!!! :) I need design intervention. :) HELP! This is SOOO not my forte!

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