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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Bathrooms

I had a post a while back about {great bathroom ideas}. Well, I recently found a few more that I wanted to document on {My Sweet Savannah}. Here they are.

I just think this bathroom is lovely. I love the frilly shower curtain! Although it may be a small room, the high ceiling gives the feeling of space, and I LOVE that chandelier! Pedestal sinks are beautiful if you have another area to store all the sundries you usually keep underneath the sink... The frames by the sink are a great use of that tiny wall space, and I love that jar full of shells on the floor as well. It just looks like a clean and lovely space.
This bay window bath tub is just beautiful! I like how they kind of sunk it into the floor, so it doesn't seem as difficult to step into. The cafe curtains are a great way to have privacy, but still have a view out the windows! It just looks so inviting.
This last one caught my eye because of the curtains. I really like how they're framing the bath tub. You could really give yourself some alone time in there with those things closed. Plus, they just make it look so inviting. I also love the starfish and shells lining the wall.

And here's another one I found on {Decorology} and instantly loved:

It just looks so inviting. I LOVE the chaise lounge. I love the tulips. I love the marble bath surround and the chrome fixtures. I love the wall color, and the curtains. And I love that big mirror. It shows the rest of the room which looks fabulous as well.

I believe these images are from House Beautiful.
I just really like this armoire full of white bathroom things. That sink is pretty, and so is the tile surrounding it. And I love that vanity.

And this bathtub just looks so inviting, doesn't it??

Oh, I love it.

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