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Monday, June 29, 2009

Blue Party

I admit, I really like these party poufs. Just another example of how they can be used. Plus, I love the blue party theme. Don't those little candies look cute on that blue table cloth along with the candles? I love it.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Watermelon Sugar Cookies

I saw these on {Homemaking Fun} and thought they were a great idea for summer time! Sounds super easy - just add jell food coloring to the cookie mix and the frosting. Cute!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pirate Party

Party Perfect posted about this party recently. I love it!

And it looks like he did too!

Such fun decorations!

And it looks like they're really enjoying it.

Great game for a pirate party...

They're all dressed up...how fun!

And face painting would be so fun, too.

And of course, the goody bag would be a treasure map! I'm sure it has lots of treasure inside too, like ring pops and gold coins...

What a great idea!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Bathrooms

I had a post a while back about {great bathroom ideas}. Well, I recently found a few more that I wanted to document on {My Sweet Savannah}. Here they are.

I just think this bathroom is lovely. I love the frilly shower curtain! Although it may be a small room, the high ceiling gives the feeling of space, and I LOVE that chandelier! Pedestal sinks are beautiful if you have another area to store all the sundries you usually keep underneath the sink... The frames by the sink are a great use of that tiny wall space, and I love that jar full of shells on the floor as well. It just looks like a clean and lovely space.
This bay window bath tub is just beautiful! I like how they kind of sunk it into the floor, so it doesn't seem as difficult to step into. The cafe curtains are a great way to have privacy, but still have a view out the windows! It just looks so inviting.
This last one caught my eye because of the curtains. I really like how they're framing the bath tub. You could really give yourself some alone time in there with those things closed. Plus, they just make it look so inviting. I also love the starfish and shells lining the wall.

And here's another one I found on {Decorology} and instantly loved:

It just looks so inviting. I LOVE the chaise lounge. I love the tulips. I love the marble bath surround and the chrome fixtures. I love the wall color, and the curtains. And I love that big mirror. It shows the rest of the room which looks fabulous as well.

I believe these images are from House Beautiful.
I just really like this armoire full of white bathroom things. That sink is pretty, and so is the tile surrounding it. And I love that vanity.

And this bathtub just looks so inviting, doesn't it??

Oh, I love it.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Brown Bedroom

In search of some brown bedroom inspiration, here are my ideas:

1 - Here is a room with a really rich chocolate wall color. This can only be pulled of to look great if your room has a lot of windows and natural light spilling into the place, as this one does. Even if the room is small, having the natural light will help you pull off having any dark color on the walls. It also helps to pair it with some light bedding and window treatments.

2 - The color of the walls in this room is a little more grey, but still has that brown undertone. These walls are a bit lighter, which I think works well for this space because it looks like the light is only coming through that one window. I like the simple tan and white bedding and throwing in those blue-green pillows really adds a punch. :)

3 - Here is another room with a really rich chocolate color on the walls. You can see how having less windows that #1 is changing the way the dark walls look in here, but I still think it works. I especially like the cream bedding in this room.

4 - I always like the ide of painting wood paneling instead of tearing it down. I think it gives a nice texture to the walls. And this is kind of a fun twist, because I'd usually paint it a light beachy color, but these walls are painted brown. I like it. And this brown has almost a green undertone which is fun. It gives the room a country feel. And the cute bedding and curtains add to that.This room has quite a few windows letting in a lot of light which works really nice. And having the paneling, even though it's dark, is still giving this room a slight beachy feel which softens it a little.

5 - I threw this one in because I like the combination of brown with lavender. I haven't seen it done very often, but it's really pretty.

6 - This is probably my favorite brown room in this list. I love that chandelier! I also love how the dark color of the walls shows off the stunning molding in this room. I think if I were to paint my walls dark, I'd want molding like this. It would be pretty easy to add if the room didn't already have it.
I like the combo of the brown with the white and ivory in here. It's very pretty and stunning.

7 - Another idea is to have brown bedding with a tan color on the walls. This would make a lot more sense in a smaller room, or one with less windows, while still incorporating brown.

8 - And here is one with more of a brown undertone. The furniture is stained in an espresso color which brings the brown in, but that's about it. The tan on the walls carries brown as well, but it makes the room a little lighter than the previous ones, which may be considered a little heavy to some.

9 - I threw this room in because I like the green paired with the browns and tans. The earth tones are having a party in here, so you still have that brown undertone.

10 - This space shows using brown on just an accent wall. This is a little bit lighter brown, but still gives the feeling of brown in this room. There is almost a lavender undertone in this room seen in the bedding and that wall.

11 - Here is another example of a brown accent wall. These work well in smaller rooms to pack a punch, but not devour the space all together. It's kind of fun how the color flows around the corner and down into that hallway. I also really like the two tones of brown used on both the wall and the bedding it adds another dimension.
12 - Another idea for using brown, but not an entire wall of it, is to put up white wainscoting on the wall and then painting everything above that brown. This really opens up a room, but still allows the use of that dark color. I really like the color of brown in this room and how it matches the tiles on the fireplace. And check out that old phone...and those old camras...and those chairs...and that pillow...and the two mirrors. Wow, just a REALLY well done room!

13 - Here is another example of wainscoting but with a lighter brown on the walls. It still looks really good. And wainscoting is really easy to put up, especially if your walls aren't textured. You just nail molding to the wall and paint the wall to match the bits of molding - it looks like one piece.

14 - This room has a very neutral color on the walls, one you might find it most homes. And if you don't want to paint, but still want the brown look, here you go. I love those brown tiles on the wall above the bed. And that bedding could even be darker in this space, but I really like it still.

15 - I've used this picture before, but I think it's also a really good example of how to acheive brown, without using paint on the walls. I love the brown in the bedding and the chairs and I really love it paired with that gold and a touch of blue. It's pretty French, but these great colors would look good in any style.

16 - And here's a "brown" room with a totally different wall color - green! I like brown and green together too. Earths tones are so pretty!

Friday, June 19, 2009

My Nursery Update

We've made some changes to our nursery. Starting with the wall above Jason's crib. You may recall it looking like this:
A little lonely, if you ask me. So we added a shelf which I found at my favorite store, TJ Maxx. I had the airplanes, and the bear already so they were ready to find a home on top of it. I found some blocks and painted them to match the room. I love them! And then saw this little canister for $2. I love the way it turned out. And my airplanes found a home as well. I'm putting some of the things I've made on {my etsy shop}, if you're interested.
So, remember this crib. Our wonderful brother gave it to us, and we love it! It used to be a light honey color, but I always imagined my nursery with deep brown furniture. So, while I was 8-9 months prego, I spent my days out in the back yard sanding that finish off, so we could refinish it in this espresso color. It was hard work, but it was a labor of love and we LOVE the way it turned out!!
We finished it the day before our son was born. And since the crib HAD to be finished because it was all he had to sleep in, this changing table/dresser was put on the back burner. My husband decided he was going to build us one when we couldn't find anything in our budget that would fit in our tiny nursery. (notice how close the rocker/recliner, dresser, and crib are to each other.) He has spent almost all of his free time on it in the past 9 months (which he obviously does not have a lot of since he's in college full time AND working full time - what a guy!) and has finally finished it!!
We stained it to match the crib and I LOVE the way it turned out, don't you?? Oh, he did such a good job. I think he could sell these things, if he had time to work on them.
He did such a good job and it was really fun because we were able to design it to be exactly how we wanted. I love the trim. I love the cubbies for those cute baskets. I love the shelf.
I love the trim on the bottom of the hutch. I love the drawers.
And the feet are cute, too. My husband thinks they make the whole piece.
Way to go, babe. It looks awesome! I couldn't have asked for anything more. It's fun to be almost finished with this room. I just have to hang up a few pictures and we're done! Yeay!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Super Hero Party

What little boy, or girl,...or grown man for that matter, would not love this on their birthday!!?

fabric applique t-shirt:
felt superhero cuffs:
twill cape and reversible felt mask:
one happy superhero:
I love the look on his face, don't you??
Cute colors, too. All the {food} was coordinated as well. It looked so awesome! And great idea with the rice crispy treat!
I saw this on {Party Perfect} where she has links to {Shim and Son's} superhero party.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Lovely Nurseries

I just think this room looks so sophisticated. I love the wall stripes. I love the rug. I love the simplicity of the two frames above the crib. And the colors green, blue, and yellow are very nice together.

Something about a monochromatic blue room for a little boy just makes me happy.
I love espresso wood furniture. It looks so good, and I especially love dark wood floors. All that paired with crisp white in this photo make it look amazing. And those little clothes hangning behind the crib are just too cute.

This is SUCH a cute nursery!! I've always loved pink and green together. I imagine I might do that color scheme if I had a girl. I just think this room is so well done. Well, maybe just a little neon for me, but still great inspiration from Design Dazzle.
When I think pink and green, I think more like this:
A bit more muted. I love the window treatments in this picture, and that little vase of flowers on the shelf.
Here is another pink and green that suits me better.
I love how they did the name in this room. Great idea! And those window treatments are so cute! I also really like the idea of giving a crib a bedside tablel. Funny. But so cute.
This one my be my favorite of all.
So much to love. Starting with that curl on the wall. It always looks great to have plain white bedding next to a colored wall. I love that scalloped edge on the bedding. I also love the rug. Pink and brown is a great color combo.
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