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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Super Hero Party

Ok, this {super hero party} from Creative Kismet is so stinkin cute! I like that it's very little boyish. So many fun ideas. My favorite was that she made capes and eye masks for them to take home and had they decorated their own logo on the backs of the capes. Here's her tutorial for {super hero capes}. Such a cute party! I also love how she sent out "Super Thankful" thank you's afterward. She made these stamps and used them throughout the whole party. What a great way to get a little boy excited about sending out thank you cards!

KirstenCan also had a {super hero party} and hers turned out really cute, as well.
Cupcake cake - great for little kiddos.She drew this city in need of help for them to pin the super heroes they colored to. Apparently, the kids loved it!

She made capes out of silk, and got masks at the party store, but cut out the noses. These went home with the kids along with party bags filled with this stuff.

I really like these blank notebooks she made. They're so cute!! Great ideas...I may have to use them someday.

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