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Friday, May 15, 2009

Ruffle Collar Dress

{Katie did} is a GREAT blog I recently found. She does so many cute things. I love these Easter dresses. Aren't they cute?? She has a great {tutorial} for how to make that collar. But she has several other things worth taking a look at. Very cute. Thanks Katie!

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Nicole said...

Brittany, I seriously look at this blog every other day and have to catch up about 2 or 3 posts! Every single post is such a cute idea. I actually just ordered some wood lettering from that company that you suggested and I'm really excited about the cardboard book idea. I have wanted to get some sort of A B C book series for when my kids start learning the alphabet. And I also want a prophet's series. I'm sure that they are out there but they are so expensive and this way I can make it for any age I want! Great find!

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