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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Quiet Book Pages 1 & 2

I'm actually making progress on this thing!! YEAY! My pages are bleached muslin. I cut them using a sheet protector as a pattern so they'll fit in a binder when I'm all finished. I plan on punching three holes and reinforcing them with grommets when I'm all finished. Anyway, These may not actually be the first pages in the book when it's all put together, but they're the first pages I've finished. And they'll open up side by side becasue they kind of go together. I'm trying to make all my pages do that.

This page is a stop sign with a pocket holding matching color circles. The color circles velcro onto the sign. This page is a map. The cars are buttons that are attached to ribbons that are sewn to the page inside the pocket. That way they always stay attached to the page. And all together, they look like this.

I like it. I hope my kids like it someday, as well. Hopefully this page will be more than just fun. Hopefully it will teach them to match colors, and how a stoplight works, and how to read a map. We'll see!


The Viehweg's said...

This is so cute!! I wish I had thought of this for Keegan! I am sure Jason will love it.

kamille said...

that looks great!

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