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Monday, May 25, 2009

Fort Table Cover

I think this is one of the best ideas I've ever seen. Forts were something we made almost every day when I was a little girl, and of course it made a giant mess of everything. It was always really hard to get the blankets to stay up and we'd try tape and heavy objects...both things my parents didn't particularily like... Well, why not make a fort that fits over a table so your kids can make one much easier without destroying your entire house?? Make It And Love It has the {Tutorial}. I really think it's cute. You could make it to fit a dining table or a fold out one that you could store away. My only question is for whether or not the kids would actually like playing in it. I mean, part of the fort fun was building it. In fact once we were done building it, we usually were sick of it...maybe this would encourage more playing in the fort. I wonder... But it's a cute idea, anyway.

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Anthony and Rachel Orme said...

I love this idea. I first saw it when a friend of mine had her mother-in-law make her one for a fold up card table. It was awesome! I want to make one for my kids.

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