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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fire Place Face Lift

Man, I love Layla's ideas over at The Lettered Cottage. She did an {$82 fireplace makeover} that turned out stunning. She is really talented. Check it out!

This is how her living room used to look, which by the way, after seeing what she's done to this house makes me less afraid of moving into an older home. You can do some great things!!
So, first she painted the paneling which gave the room a beachy feel. I really like it. Then, she beefed up the mantle by nailing wood to the existing one.
Then, she painted the brick you would see once the project was finished black.

Next, she coverd most of the brick with molding.

Then, she painted the molding white.

That's it!! And then her decorations are so great, of course.
But way easy and cheap and look how good it looks!

Man, I am so inspired!! LOVE this makeover! Her blog goes into more details about how she actually did it all. Such a great idea!

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